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“Allen helped deliver a more coherent messaging across all our communication platforms. Allen certainly delivered the brief of moving the team to the next level of professionalism and delivery.”
Rachael Fadipe, Executive Director, SAT7 UK

“SpiritLevel helped me shape a clear and concise marketing message at the beginning of starting this new business. It's made all the difference in helping me communicate what I do.”
David Berkeley, Perceptive People

“Allen raised the quality of the messaging for the organisation. Under his leadership, I saw the level of story-telling improve and the visual impact upgraded.”
Al Janssen, Chief Communications Officer, Open Doors International

“Allen Moxham provided an excellent was both insightful and inspirational and left the room buzzing and wanting more”
Ben Molyneux, Founder of The Oxfordshire Project

"Allen really helped me see my business vfdnet through the eyes of my ideal client, a business owner serious about creating value and growing their business, and getting it ready on the journey to the final business sale.  Being able to succinctly describe what we do is very helpful in many marketing contexts.”
James Shand, Director of vfdnet

Case Studies


vfdnet is a virtual network of experienced financial directors providing financial leadership and services to business owners as they prepare their businesses for sale.


  • To understand the nature of vfdnet’s business and the special characteristics which differentiate it from its competitors
  • To craft a set of narratives that capture the essence of vfdnet’s business
  • To express those narratives in layman’s terms that will make sense to non financial audiences


  • Through a series of meetings with James, the owner and director of vfdnet, we were able to identify the essence of the business and outline a set of characteristics which described the business
  • We also drew out the key challenges that vfdnet clients faced and established clarity over the support, leadership and experience that vfdnet can bring.
  • Spirtlevel drafted eight and 100 word narratives based on the conversations outlined above.
  • Together with the client, initial drafts were honed before arriving at final versions which can be used throughout vfdnet’s marketing activities with the purpose of inspiring and engaging new audiences
  • Spiritlevel provided vfdnet with a new language, captured in an exciting set of narratives, that clearly and succinctly describes vfdnet as a business which creates value, business growth and great results for business owners and their management teams

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