Mahabba is a Christian community project

Challenge – To make Mahabba ‘known’ in the UK, and through external PR, better use of internal channels and strategic campaigning, increasing financial and non-financial support.


  • SpiritLevel reviewed all existing communications and related processes to highlight weaknesses
  • Produced a list of ‘key recommendations’ and prioritised project plan to address the weaknesses
  • Set-up a ‘communications hub’ meeting, to review existing activities, identify and pursue new opportunities
  • Introduced new procedures to address deficiencies in project management, editorial production and strategic planning.
  • Ran a PR campaign throughout Ramadan, including interviews with journalists, magazine articles and videos, a short story series running through Ramadan and a Facebook Q&A session.


  • Increased traffic to website and social media pages
  • PR coverage in the Christian media
  • Clarity established internally around mission and vision, and externally for supporters
  • Relationships built with key influencers in the faith community