Top 10 tips to survive the Coronavirus crisis:

The current Coronavirus crisis has created unprecedented challenges for many businesses. It is said “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” so here are ten pointers, to not only help you survive coronavirus, but come out stronger than before:

  1. Trust the process – fall back on your business processes that have served you well in the past and made you successful
  2. Keep calm and don’t panic – clear thinking under pressure is key. Remember, not everything written in the media is true!
  3. Keep communicating – call your clients and be on hand to help and ready to listen
  4. Stay connected – don’t try and survive on your own. Assemble together a group who can support you
  5. Kindness – offer your time, skills and expertise generously to others.
  6. Be flexible – we’ve haven’t been faced with this set of circumstances before so be ready to change old habits
  7. Innovate – necessity is the mother of invention – try zoom meetings, write a LinkedIn article, design a new product
  8. Stick to your principles – this is a time to show your clients that your values actually mean something!
  9. Learning – we will all make mistakes but what is key is that we see the mistakes as an opportunity to learn and become better
  10. Plan – the current crisis won’t last forever, so develop a plan for the future