Case Studies


vfdnet is a virtual network of experienced financial directors providing financial leadership and services to business owners as they prepare their businesses for sale.


  • To understand the nature of vfdnet’s business and the special characteristics which differentiate it from its competitors
  • To craft a set of narratives that capture the essence of vfdnet’s business
  • To express those narratives in layman’s terms that will make sense to non financial audiences


  • Through a series of meetings with James, the owner and director of vfdnet, we were able to identify the essence of the business and outline a set of characteristics which described the business
  • We also drew out the key challenges that vfdnet clients faced and established clarity over the support, leadership and experience that vfdnet can bring.
  • Spirtlevel drafted eight and 100 word narratives based on the conversations outlined above.
  • Together with the client, initial drafts were honed before arriving at final versions which can be used throughout vfdnet’s marketing activities with the purpose of inspiring and engaging new audiences
  • Spiritlevel provided vfdnet with a new language, captured in an exciting set of narratives, that clearly and succinctly describes vfdnet as a business which creates value, business growth and great results for business owners and their management teams

The project was to communicate the rationale of an innovative approach to business, examining how businesses can maximise profits by serving communities better: [Password ‘Mars’]

Church Mission Society

CMS is one of the world’s oldest mission agencies. Our PR challenge was to raise the media profile of the organisation, highlighting what mission is in this century.


  • PR strategy developed in line with core objectives and focusing on key campaigns
  • Media training – an interactive workshop held with a BBC trainer
  • Arranged meetings between CEO and editors to establish understanding and identify future opportunities
  • Developed a communications matrix and plan for coordinate future activities


  • Regular PR coverage in:
    • Regular interviews on BBC Oxford and national media
    • Regular feature articles and thought pieces appearing in Christian publications
    • Steady coverage of charity’s mission work, both in the UK and overseas
  • Core activities and campaigns are communicated effectively.
  • Public profile is consistent with its agreed brand messages; key personnel have confidence and opportunity to approach and engage the media

Mahabba is a Christian community project

Challenge – To make Mahabba ‘known’ in the UK, and through external PR, better use of internal channels and strategic campaigning, increasing financial and non-financial support.


  • SpiritLevel reviewed all existing communications and related processes to highlight weaknesses
  • Produced a list of ‘key recommendations’ and prioritised project plan to address the weaknesses
  • Set-up a ‘communications hub’ meeting, to review existing activities, identify and pursue new opportunities
  • Introduced new procedures to address deficiencies in project management, editorial production and strategic planning.
  • Ran a PR campaign throughout Ramadan, including interviews with journalists, magazine articles and videos, a short story series running through Ramadan and a Facebook Q&A session.


  • Increased traffic to website and social media pages
  • PR coverage in the Christian media
  • Clarity established internally around mission and vision, and externally for supporters
  • Relationships built with key influencers in the faith community